Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun weekend with mom & Ashley!

My mom & Ashley came in for the weekend.
Mom & Hank had birthdays last month so we celebrated!
Hank got sick.
I just got done fixing my hair & unplugged my curling iron. Paxton grabbed it before I even knew what he was doing & burned his hand. He seriously cried for like 20 minutes & had me in tears. Poor baby. In the car he would remember about it & start crying again.

 We watched my nephew play some basketball. Beau is his coach.
 Beau & Brice make a good team. Such encouraging men to these boys. There's a little assistant coach on the bench eating some popcorn.
 After Hank got sick Nicole got sick. We went & did some shopping.
 Then we played some games!
 Me & Nicole beat Ashley & Beau in some Taboo. Then us girls played Phase 10.
The next night Ashley got sick! I had just sanitized my house & cleaned it so good before all the sickness came back. Praying the rest of us don't get sick! 

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