Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disciple Now 2014

This year was my first year to be a leader for D-Now. Jacque & I were leaders together & it was amazing! So glad I got to do this with one of my greatest friends!
Our word for the weekend was "Conversion". We know when we give our lives to Christ, there is Conversion.
One of my favorite people Jessica, was our prayer warrior! She has been praying over D-Now & over our group for a while. 
Jacque & I had a big group of 10! 8th grade girls & they were AWESOME!!
Mary R., Kaitlyn J., Addison M., Emma T., Hannah S., SarahBeth M., Cassie L., Kaylynn S., Torie W., Hollie W., Jacque & me
We stayed at the John & Laurie Zeiler's. They were WONDERFUL hosts!
Worship was AMAZING!
We had a great speaker... Kevin Kirkland.
After running around like crazy during rec. wearing us "old folks" out, we headed to Geno's.
 The girls were teasing us about being old. Jacque & I had to take a nap.

 Silly SarahBeth! I said she looks like one of the people from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".
 Mary R. & Kaitlyn J.
The girls said I was the fun one because we listened to Group 1 Crew really loud in my car & danced. They would fight to get in my car! They almost busted my speakers!

Okay so I was dancing too. They may or may not have been making fun of my dance moves. :/
 My groups surprised me that evening with a cake since I was celebrating turning the big 30!! 
We really loved our group! We had a lot of fun & hope & pray these girls grow to fall more & more in love with the one who created us. 
Next up......RECREATION!

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