Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cold days!

It has been SO cold! Piper went to school 2 days last week because of snow & then staff development.
I love mornings with my kids! You will not hear me complain about the snow. However, I am not looking forward to still going to school in the middle of June. Makes for a short summer.

 We made Piper's tent in the living room.  I sent this picture to channel 5 & they showed it on the TV!!!!!
 Piper did some reading in her tent.
 Paxton found a silver chain my mom gave Piper so he has been sporting this bling for about a week now.
 Piper & I were sure to have hot chocolate & play games.
 Pax & I had to bust out in the snow to go play with friends! It was SO COLD! Had fun with Ashley & Mary!
 Love snuggles with my babies!
 Love watching my babies snuggle.
 Paxton is obsessed with my broom. He has his own little one but of course he prefers the one with all the germs.
Watching the snow...... again
Paxton LOVES playing football. He will pat the ball, get down & say hut. Then take off running.
 Piper did a little dressing up. 
We threw some fits!

Piper wrote out her Valentine's cards for school. Lalaloopsy of course.
And we did her box. The theme was "bitten by a love bug." She chose a ladybug.

She let her brother color with her.
Paxton trying to unlock the door.
Of course more sledding!

Then we ended with hot chocolate.
Looking forward to 60 degree weather this weekend!!!

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