Friday, January 24, 2014

RSV, double ear infection, & Paxton's first hospital stay.

Monday night me, Beau, & Paxton got no rest. Paxton had started wheezing so we gave him a breathing treatment before bed. He was up the entire night crying, coughing, & wheezing. It was so sad. I called the dr as soon as 8:00 rolled around. Our apt was at 3:15. Of course we were there for a long time. Paxton got worse while we were at the dr.s office. He ended up like this on me & stayed that way. He was burning up too. I sent this picture to Beau as he was checking out at work & he just broke down.
 Dr. Whitaker tested him for the flu & RSV & we gave him a breathing treatment. He was really struggling to breath. He told us that if the breathing treatment didn't show any sign of improvement he would have to be admitted. He test pos for RSV. No flu. He still struggled after the treatment & was admitted. 
(I hated my baby being so sick but I absolutely took advantage of the snuggles. He got hundreds of kisses from his mommy.)
 We got to the dr a little after 5 & Paxton literally did not get his IV, breathing treatment, or tylenol until after 9. The were so busy & we didn't say anything because as sick as our baby was, we knew there were babies sicker than that. They all did a great job & tried taking care of our baby.
 This was so sad seeing him with this brace on his hand. It covered his IV line so he wouldn't pull on it. However, Paxton became a pro at getting that thing off & pulled on it a few times. OUCH! I would see him trying to slide it off through the bars in his crib. Funny boy!

Paxton got breathing treatments every two hours. We love Justine. She was from respiratory & every time she would come to give him a breathing treatment she would put a toy in his bed. It was so sweet. Thankfully they would do the treatments while he was asleep & didn't wake him up. Although I still woke up every time he got a treatment, every time I had to push the button to tell them his iv machine was going off, every time I had to push the button on the iv machine to make it quit beeping over & over until the nurse got there, every time our bed would accidentally unplug the call nurse button & they would ask if we needed anything, every time he got his vitals done, or when they would come & weigh him & wake him up, & every time his oxygen machine would beep because it wasn't getting a good reading. I was completely exhausted but I knew they were trying to make my baby better.
 We are so thankful for all the text, phone calls, visits, food, & especially prayers! We were overwhelmed & we believed the prayers were working.
Tonia brought us this awesome gift basket, my brother, nicole, Jacque, Jeff I., Beau's mom, & Jessica B., all came to see us!
Pax loves this puppy dog that came in his gift basket!
 This breaks my heart.
This makes me so happy. The next evening Pax was feeling better. He was back to getting into everything & going wherever his IV machine allowed him to go. He got the cords so tangled up at times. He was back to doing what he loves to do..... making us laugh!
The next day (Thursday), Dr. Whitaker was worried about his 2 ear infections (forgot to mention that) because they hadn't improved much. He also wasn't drinking although he was eating great he wasn't having wet diapers. All his diapers had to be weighed & on Wed he only had 2 wet diapers that were barely wet. Thurs we had to get him drinking & they took the iv out to see if that would help & since he got two big doses of antibiotics at night for the ear infections he wanted to try a different oral antibiotic. Beau went to work the last day & spent the day trying to get him to drink. He did so much better & even had 3 dirty diapers. ( I had never been so excited to see dirty diapers) After 5 the nurse called dr. Whitaker & told him how well Pax was doing & that his drinking was better. If it wasn't we would have had to stay another night. NO!!!
Praise the Lord we got to go home. We didn't get there til 8 but we were home & we had our Piper girl back with us too.
I also want to note that one night Paxton & I were looking at pictures on my phone & watched a video of him & Piper. He made his sad face & just bawled. He looked like his heart was broken & he just cried. It was a sad cry & I believe it was because he missed his sister. :(
I also wanted to note that we had Corey Johnson as our nurse 2 days while there (I wish I had gotten a picture) & we were so relieved. She is wonderful! A few times she made Paxton cry & would want to give him ice cream!
One thing Paxton did not like was having his blood pressure taken. He would cry every time & they never got a good reading on it. They did it on his leg & he hated it. Everything else he was great at. Breathing treatments, taking medicine, all of it. One nurse said she was going to keep him so he could show the others how it's done. So proud of him!
Paxton's oxygen was borderline but thankfully he never had to be put on it. 
The night we got to the hospital there were 5 kids in pediatrics who had RSV. One 12 month old ended up being flown out to childrens because he wouldn't wake up for them. A baby also had to be flown out.
One nurse told us that she thinks there are a lot of false negatives on the flu so everyone be careful!! 
Two nights at the hospital & I don't know if I had ever been so ready to be home. 
I am also so thankful for my husband who could have went home to get rest but stayed with us. I know he was exhausted but he wanted to be with us. I am also thankful for Hank & Nicole who took care of Piper, took her to school, helped her with her homework, & fed her while we were in the hospital. Piper also lost her first tooth & I missed it. :(

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  1. Oh my goodness! I am crying just reading this! I cant imagine how scared yall were! And the parents of all those other babies too! I will be praying for them! Love you giys and am SO happy he is doing better and yall are home!