Saturday, January 25, 2014

Piper lost her 1st tooth!

On Tuesday morning before school Piper got scared & said she had a loose tooth. I was excited but loosing teeth freak me out! I don't want to help them pull it out. Grosses me out! That night is when Paxton went to the hospital & Piper was at my brothers. They called me because Piper was freaking out over her tooth. I had to talk to her & encourage her. We think it moved while she was eating. She was really excited about the tooth too but it was weird for her. I totally understand. The next night ( January 22nd) Piper called to tell me the tooth came out! She was so excited. The only thing is was that she didn't know when the tooth came out or where it was. (oops) She knew the toothfairy would find it. 
Stop growing Piper!!!

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