Monday, January 13, 2014

Kindergarten update 1 semester down.

The first 9 weeks Piper got the math award in her class!
 Piper could not wait to have show & tell at school. She wanted to take this bracelet & cute little case that pepaw got her because it was special. She was stressed out & cried because she couldn't figure out why it was special but we decided it was because pepaw thought it was pretty & thought she would like it.

Another family project!
Piper was ready for school after the snow storm. Thankful she loves school so much!
Piper drew this picture at one of her stations. She said she had to draw a picture of her dreaming. This is so cute! Apparently she loves snow!
We made this ornament for Mrs. Smith for Christmas.
 Piper's Christmas wish list. 
An easel, a lalalaoopsy doll, & a my little pony artist portfolio book.
Piper's new snappy words the 2nd 9 weeks are... and, said, this, am, an, we, be, me, he, she, with, are. They are now up to 26 words & this next semester they start taking spelling tests.
(She's in to doing her own hair. So cute)
The 2nd 9 weeks Piper got the literacy award in her class. Mrs. Smith said she is so proud of her reading & is reading level 6 books which is at a 1st grade level. Go Piper!
So thankful she loves school so much. Couldn't imagine it going any other way. Thank you Lord for my smart, healthy, hard working girl!


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