Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ice day with Piper & my wild man Paxton

I love days with these two. Piper was actually so much help. She kept Paxton pretty occupied which meant I actually got a lot of housework done.
 Paxton Asher is a WILD CHILD! Oh my goodness!!
 There is no trying to cook dinner without him at my feet crying, pulling stuff out of the cabinets which get in my way. I came up with something. I put him in his crib with lots of books & toys. His sister jumped in with him too. Great idea!
 Piper was out of school because of ice being on the roads. We had fun playing games, doing puzzles, & drinking hot chocolate. This is also when I got my cleaning done.
Paxton also climbed up at the table to get raisins. He emptied the raisins. 
 Wild man at it again. While Piper was taking a bath he kept throwing his towels & wash rags in her tub. She was yelling for him to quit & saved some from getting wet but this boy is a mess. He will also throw shampoo bottles & soap in there while she is bathing. Along with trying to climb in himself we really have to watch him. He loves baths! When the water is running he will walk around the house saying "bath, bath". 
 Let's not forget that he likes to take his clothes off. Many times I have also got him out of bed with his arms out of the sleeves of his shirt.
OH & he loves to pull out the wii controllers & batteries from underneath the entertainment center. Does it at least 10 times a day. Not to mention how he likes to find pens & write on things. This boy.
Love these kids! They keep me on my toes & keep me smiling!

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