Monday, December 30, 2013


It's always hilarious when Piper takes selfies. She's so cute & funny!
This was a wal-mart trip with just the 2 of us.
(sshhh, don't tell daddy about this picture)
This fun day in the leaves was almost 70 degrees outside. This was the day before the ice storm. 
I love the relationship I have with my daughter. She has the sweetest heart ever & she really loves me. I love her so much!!
Eating a candy cane.
 This picture makes me smile. Beau is tickling Piper & Paxton is swinging a bat around.
 Fearless baby boy showing us his tricks!
This boy is a ham!!! He knows he is cute!
 Little Saturday morning snuggles with my 2 favorite kids!!
 Wild man!
 When we were at our lifegroup party The Lane's kept our kids for us. We were so thankful! Chance sent this picture of Paxton who kept sneaking up on him. He said he got photobombed! lol!
 Our little redneck!
 Cupcake from sweet Joslyn M.'s birthday party!
Piper & I at the baking again this year. SO much fun!
 I went to walmart before Piper's bed time and she was so sad that I wasn't there when she went to bed. She wrote this note to her dad. My plan was to tell her goodnight when I got back & pray with her, which I did. I am thankful she loves me so much!
 Pax thought he would sit in the corner with a little privacy to read some Christmas books.
Beau fell asleep while we were at aunt Jane's. We had too much fun with it. My grandma got in his face, Nicole laid her head on him, we tried to put lipstick on him (didn't work), & my aunt Jane stuck a hot dog in his mouth. Oh Beau, you should know better.
 Paxton driving...
 Aunt liz gave Piper a small plant from Bob's funeral. She also gave her these collector dolls. Piper just loves them!
 Pepaw & mimi got Piper a lego set for Christmas. She put it together all by herself. 
Yep, this happened.
We had so much fun having Piper home during Christmas break.
 We painted our Christmas nails.
Pax loves his cousin Landon!
 Fun on the wii!

 Our little artist!
 Wild baby man!
 This is why I like to check my mail in December!


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