Friday, January 3, 2014

Antlers fun & date with my man!

Me, Piper, & Paxton went to Antlers for a few days & we had a great time with family...
Piper loves Dedo!
Sweet snuggles!
 We did some shopping with aunt Jane, uncle Danny, & Ashley.

 Ashley's 30th birthday is coming up. Piper LOVED helping her.
 Kamyn loves Paxton!
 Piper learned to play Uno.
 We played outside....

 Piper slept with me for 2 nights & I loved it. My sweet girl!
 Paxton shared his food with sister.
 I had my sun glasses on top of my head & Paxton took them off & put them on top of his head.
 Then I left the kids there for a few days for some quality time with the husband. LOVE this man so much & thankful for this time.


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