Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 year in review

We started January having a rosebud for Paxton & dedicating both our children to the Lord.
Piper & I also got to meet Michelle Duggar at MOPS. She is precious!
In February we created our own Holiday. "Eat Donuts" day. :)

In March mom & I took Piper, Michael, & Paxton to Tulsa for some fun during Spring break.
Our family also celebrated Christ dying for our sins on Easter.

On Beau's 33rd birthday in April we were with Tyler Wilson as he got drafted by the Raiders. SO exciting!
We also meet Group one Crew & 7th Day Slumber. Piper & I love Group One Crew & we all thought Blanca's hair was amazing! Paxton even pulled it.
Then Piper started tearing up the t-ball field during her 2nd year of t-ball.

In May I got to celebrate being a mommy of 2 amazing children & reminisced on how blessed I am.
Piper also graduated from preschool.
In June we began some hiking, we had to say goodbye to our lifegroup leaders who we absolutely love, & Beau celebrated Father's day. He's an amazing father!
Piper & Beau went to chic fila's daddy daughter date night which they both loved so much & we had a baby shower for my niece who would be arriving the next month.
Piper also took swim lessons & she enjoyed doing the reading program at the library.

 The beginning of may we got to welcome our beautiful niece Audrey Mary-Lois Barcheers!
We celebrated the 4th of July with lots of fun!
I ran my very 1st 5K with two of my great friends & mimi got to see all 5 of her grandchildren at once. 
Hank, Nicole, & Landon also moved to Greenwood & we were SO happy!
We went to the lake house with Beau's family in August. Lots of fun!
Beau & I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I love that man!
Then our Piper Annabeth started kindergarten! She loves it.

Both of our babies birthdays are in September.
Our princess turned 6 & our little man turned 1.
Time is flying by & Beau & I are SO blessed to have these two!

October Piper had her very 1st school music recital. It was the cutest thing.
Beau & I dressed as Ron Burgandy & Veronica Corningstone which also got 1st place for best costume.
The kids were adorable little chipmunks for Halloween. (Alvin & Britney)
 November had one of the best days of mine & Beau's lives. Piper asked Jesus into her heart. Her story is the sweetest! Thank you Lord!
Piper also ran her very first 5K with her mommy. It was so much fun! Beau & Paxton also joined in but this was something Piper & I were looking forward to!
December we had a bad ice storm but we also got snow so we had fun sledding.
Piper had her childrens choir program & she got to be Mary in a nativity scene.
Paxton turned 15 months old! That boy is something else. Seriously. Love him!
We had a tragic loss of such a wonderful man. My aunt lost her husband so we were forced to say goodbye. He is seriously missed so much already & it still doesn't seem real.
After a great year ending in tragedy we forced a smile for our kids & celebrated Christ's birth on Christmas.

Looking forward to a new year. The Ames family sure is blessed. The Lord is so good to us.
Life is too short! Love as much as you can!

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