Thursday, December 19, 2013

Paxton 1.25

Paxton started walking right after he turned 1 & he literally took off. There wasn't hardly any step taking, he went to a full blown walking.
He says uh oh, eye, mama, dada, thank you, hi, bye bye, eat, bath, no, Paxton, night night, up (for cup), repeats everything we say. It is so cute hearing him try to talk. He even hollers "Beau" after I do.
Dr. Whitaker heard him say thank you & couldn't believe how well he said it.
We ask him what Santa says & he says "ho ho ho."
He points to his nose, eyes,
Can sign: more, thank you, eat
Blows kisses & will give you closed mouth kisses now.
He will reach out to any man. Loves men!
Not good at eating vegetables. Meal time stresses me out. LOVES bread or any kind of carbs! Likes veggies that aren't green. Some he doesn't like to touch so when I spoon feed them he eats them a lot better.
Loves sleeping with his stuffed monkey. He gets excited when he lays down & bites its nose when he loves on it.
Little man weighs 22 lbs (45%), he's 30 1/2 inches (55%) & his head is in the 90%. Dr. Whitaker always laughs when he tells me how big his head is... lol!
He was amazing at his check up. He sat there while the dr. checked him. He stole all of his tongue compressors out of his pocket, & he literally cried for one second when he got his one shot. AMAZING!
If you play music, he will dance. He is into trying to snap his fingers. It's so stinkin cute!
Absolutely LOVES being outside & will usually throw a fit when he has to come back in.
Loves playing with cars & making car noises.
If you ask him if he needs a diaper he will take off running.
Still taking 2 naps & sleeps great at night.
When he throws a fit he flings his head back. So nervous he is going to hurt him self someday.
We ask him where his shoes are & he looks at his feet.
Loves bath time! He's a wild man in the tub.
This boy poops so much! Seriously! We go through like twice as many diapers as we did with Piper.
He is SO destructive. Piper did not get into things & destroy things. Paxton does. Oh my!
Has 8 teeth. Size 4 shoes, size 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers.
When you fake cry he use to cry too. It was so sad. Now he will love on you.
Sometimes if he wants something he will just bark at me. lol!
Loves dogs & barks when he hears the neighbors dogs.
One day he got stuck behind Piper's toy box. He screamed real loud & we all went in to get him. We were laughing so much that Pax climbed back and did it again. Just to make us laugh. He is such an entertainer that if you laugh at him he is going to keep doing it... (future class clown??)
What was life like before Paxton?? I can't remember.. SO thankful the Lord gave us this boy! He brings us so much joy & we all love him to pieces!

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