Sunday, December 1, 2013


Paxton: "I'm sorry sissy, were you there?"
 Beau's Cintas picnic. Piper had lots of fun with Riley & we enjoyed hanging out with the Yates afterwards.

 A point off!
He wants to use his spoon all on his own.
Piper is in kids choir this year & LOVES it!! They always do a craft, have a snack, & Piper loves the songs.

 This boy has my heart. The picture on the top right he is trying to whistle like his dad.
 Went to Ashley H.'s house to paint 2x4's. What a mistake! ha! That was hard work but the kids were wonderful & I loved visiting with Ashley & Mary! Paxton didn't mind Hudson bossing him around becasue he was so sweet with his toys. Paxton also enjoyed sitting on Darcy's bumbo tray. Darcy didn't mind a bit. Let's do it again. Minus painting 2x4's!
Dad & Paxton looking for Christmas ideas!
 A little computer time after school.
Paxton's favorite toy... His daddy's inhaler. I pray he never has to use it. Especially like his daddy does.
 Pax loves his uncle Hank!
A little book reading....
We had a family night Friday night. We ate at Market Place which is all of our favorite! Paxton loves getting all those carbs & Piper loves the mac & cheese. Beau & I think their potatoe soup is the best!
Cute little Indians!
Everyone comments on Pax's mullet. Piper drew this picture of Pax.....with a mullet! Ha!


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