Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lifegroup Christmas party/Ugly Christmas sweater

Beau says he'll be there with bells on.
 Me a Christmas tree & my jingle bells.

 Matt, Aaron, & Beau being oh so cool!
 The twins... Mandi & Jason.
 Cully trying on Ruthann's new shorts.

 Jim & I tied for ugly Christmas sweater which lead to us singing like idiots.
We both had spatulas as we sang. I sang Jingle Bells & he sang I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas.
They still didn't know how to determine a winner. So we all walked down to Jeff (our preacher) 's house & he picked Jim. BLAH! lol! All that work for nothing! ha! Really though, Jim's was great. Next time I just won't act like an idiot to try & win.
 With his award.
The girls showing off our shirts.
 The serious men.
 The goofy men.
 I won this mug & if you know me, you know how much I LOVE IT!!
Great times!


  1. Oh girl...I love your outfit! The skirt just tops it off!