Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice storm 2013 and Daddy's off for 5 days!

We had about 1 1/2 in of ice & 5 inches of snow. We can handle the snow. Just not the ice. Most of our area was out of power. Thankfully ours was just off for about 11 1/2 hours. 
What was awesome about Piper not having school for two days was that Beau had already planned on using 2 vacation days. Perfect!
We stuck our freezer stuff outside while our power was off. It was definitely cold enough.

We have a huge tree in our back yard that is right by Piper's room. Pax's room is the only one that doesn't have a tree by it. We had Piper in our room. Me & Piper were sleeping & heard a big crash that woke us up. Beau was awake. We decided to put our bed in the kitchen away from all trees. 
This big tree limb fell right beside Piper's room. We were so thankful it didn't land on it. Beau had to pull some from the room though.

The snow is so pretty but the ice does a lot of damage! 
We are just so thankful we were able to keep warm.
We had lots of fun at home. We played, watched tons of Christmas movies, ate way too much, did crafts, read books, & lots of snuggles!

Beau & I would play Phase 10 & watch a Christmas movie when the kids went to bed. So much fun!

This is THE BEST potato soup ever! Paula Dean's! Mexican cornbread to go with it. YUM!

Love this picture of Beau doing push ups with both kids on him. We were all laughing!

Nicole & Landon stayed a night with us because their power was still out. It was out for about 2 days & it would get down to like 7 degrees in the night. 
Decorated a gingerbread man!
Cabin fever set in. Saturday night we headed to Market Place & Toys r'us. We needed to get Piper's Santa gift that we have been trying to get for a month now. I tried to order it on Cyber Monday & it wouldn't let me. They let us buy it for the Cyber Monday price which was 25 dollars off!
Pax didn't want out of this!
Came home & made cookies. Then watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Sunday our church only had the 10:45 & Edge service. They had no nursery or kids church so the kids went with us to the EDGE. I came prepared for Paxton. I brought snacks, water, milk, a car, & his monkey. He walked around before it started then got mad when we sat down. He threw a fit for a little bit. Until the music started. He loved the music. He would stand up, dance, & try to snap his fingers. It was so cute! He also would laugh real loud, & made loud car noises as he was playing with his car. It was during his nap time so all in all we though he did great! 
Piper was excited to see how our church was. She brought her bible & had me turn her page to where we were reading. She was awesome! She brought a pen & paper to write with too.

Love these cute kids of mine!


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  1. Love that last picture of Piper and Paxton! I am working on my Ice Storm post too. We had fun but I am ready for warmer weather now! I forgot about Phase 10! Gonna have to go get that out! :) Love ya'll!