Monday, December 16, 2013

Greenwood Yule 5K

Jacque & I had decided to run the the 5K in the winter. Thankfully it was about 40 degrees. That's cold but could have been much worse. We did not prepare for this run AT ALL!!!! 
 But we were there will bells on... (our feet)
 Jacque wanted to stay with me. I really wanted to wait with her but...
being the good friend that I am, left her behind. :( I like to see how well I can do. Especially if it is timed. Jacque wanted me to keep going though...
 Oh & look how cute Brittney & her mom looked! They are awesome! Won a prize for best dressed too!
 Like I said, I knew my time wouldn't be great. (30.04) 
 Jacque's time was 36:18
We were WORN out. It was tough running in the cold especially when you haven't ran in a while. Our chests were hurting.
 Brother Ronnie!
 But look, I still got 2nd in my age group! Jacque got 3rd!
 My little fan. Paxton was cheering for everyone as they would get an award. One time when it got quiet he even yelled YAY after a girl got hers. Everyone thought it was so cute!
As much as I wanted to stay home in my warm bed, I am so glad I ran. I never regret running. 

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  1. Y'all are awesome! I'm a slow runner...but I agree with you. I never regret a run!