Friday, December 27, 2013

Elf on the Shelf.....Ames style

We were so excited to start the Elf on the Shelf this year. Piper anticipated it & had names picked out. She went with Mittens.
Mittens was there when we got back from Oklahoma with his suitcase.

Piper giggled when she saw this & it was the cutest thing ever!
My favorite is holding baby Jesus.
Reading Christmas books & in the doll house with a few dwarfs.
Mittens pinned bows all over our kitchen, hid in the tree, & got stuck trying to sneak candy.
He writes verses, eats candy canes, makes snowmen out of marshmallows, & lets you know Jesus loves you!
He makes a snow angel out of sugar, hids in the curtains, reads the Christmas story in the book of Luke, & rode to school one day, leaving a note that said "have a great day at school Piper."
Piper fell asleep & was almost touching Mittens. She laughed when I showed her this. 
 Mittens hid in the ceiling fan, wrote "brush your teeth good", on the mirror with lipstick, was hanging out by Piper's tree with the angel, Mary, & Joseph. He also went to Oklahoma with us & made a mess with the toothpaste.
Mittens was trying to fly in the kitchen. Then on Christmas day he knew we were to celebrate Christ's birth.
All of you previous elf on the shelfers should have warned me that this is a lot of work. Can't tell you how many times we were laying in bed, ready to go to sleep then had to come up with something for the next day. To see the excitement on my daughters face though made it all worth it. 
When Mittens went back to the North Pole Piper cried. She was so sad!! :(
Until next year!


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