Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

Santa left Piper her masterpiece Easel Paxton his dump truck.
Beau is so good about cleaning the turkey & buttering it up. 
Her expression!

Pax wanted down as soon as he saw this dump truck. 
Every year we read the story of Christs' birth.
Gift time!
Piper hugging Pax because he got her a big lalaloopsy coloring book.

Piper got lots of supplies for her easel.
Her first jewelry box.
I got an mp3 player that hooks up to my phone for when I run.

Nicole & I got our aprons on for cooking.
 Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!

 Attempt at a family photo.
 Beau & I have taken a picture in front of our tree every year since we have been married. This is as good as it was going to get.
 Then it was movie time.
It was a good Christmas. Lot of sadness in the back of my mind. I still can't believe we don't have uncle Bob anymore & I am still so heartbroken when I think about the sadness my aunt Liz is going through. 
Can't tell you how many times I said "Lord just be with my aunt Liz." I would cry thinking about it. Then I would put on my brave face so my kids would just be happy.

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