Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A sledding we will go...and playing in the snow!

We couldn't wait to go sledding in this mess! Landon & Nicole went with us. 
I went down with Pax & he had snow caked on his face. He just screamed at the bottom. He liked it til the cold snow got on him. Poor baby.

Such a fun day but SO cold!!!  I went down a few times, took some pictures then me & Pax waited in the warm car! 
One day Piper & I met Jessica, Daisy, & Prairie at Bell Park to do more sledding. We had so much fun! One time Daisy was walking up the hill while Piper was sledding down & Daisy straddled her legs in front of her & Piper leaned back & went between her legs. We laughed so hard. So glad Piper leaned back or that could have been bad. 

This fun ended by Piper & Daisy riding together on a sled & ending up in a mud puddle. Soaked! They both started crying. We had so much fun! 
The next day Piper & I met Jessica, Trisha, & Amy D. with all the kids for more sledding. This day the snow had melted some. I was so nervous because there were several crashes, several almost hitting trees, several almost going into ditches, & several almost hitting the building. There were even a couple accidental running over each other with sled's. The kids did not care though. They jumped on & took off. 

They were muddy, worn out, & maybe a little beat up but they had SO much fun! 
That evening my family got out to make a snow man. We did most of it while Paxton was taking his 2nd nap. Then we let him play a little.
 Piper named this one "Frosty".
 Mom & dad need a picture with a snowman, right???

 ...and this is what Paxton did when he had to come back in. Well, he does this everytime he comes back in from outside.
We have had SO much fun with the snow. We missed 3 days of school but school is back on now.
(you can come back at Christmas, but only for a few days)

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