Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend with my man!

I met my mom Friday to take the kids for the weekend. We were all so excited! This mama needed some time alone with the husband. It is such a beautiful drive... Especially in the fall.

 Friday night we just rented a movie & relaxed. Saturday we got up for some shopping. We wanted to watch a movie but there was nothing we wanted to watch. Bummer.. So shopping & eating it was.
We went to one of Beau's stops. They were giving out coffee & donuts. They also had drawings. We laughed when we went back because my name got drawn. A marlboro bag & some 7 Up...HA!
 We also took about a 2 hour nap too. We tried to sleep in but I guess we just don't know how to do that anymore.

 Great weekend with my man! 

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