Friday, November 1, 2013


October 1st... We couldn't wait to BOO a few friends! Piper was so excited & we didn't get caught!

 Double ear infection & soar throat for Pax. This was at pro-med. We were told to see the pediatrician the next morning for an issue he was having. I don't want to tell about it b/c I don't want him to be embarrassed some day but it had me & his daddy a little worried. THANKFULLY it was something not serious! 
Love this!!
A few days after we Booed a few people we got Booed! Pretty sure it was the Farris'. We were SO excited!!
Went to the Green's to watch some football with a few friends. 
Here was our attempt at a group picture of all the kids. Seriously this was probably my 20th picture. (who's idea was that???)
 I love before church pictures.

Basically this boy just needs to get out of the house sometimes. He is in a much better mood. When we walk at our neighborhood he is always on the look out for dogs. He loves dogs & then barks like them.
Fun at the park!
 LOVE this picture!! My boys!!
Big sister holding little brother as he drinks his milk.

This boy obviously has a big sister! lol! He did this all on his own. Well, I clipped it in his hair ;)
My big reader! Reading her AR book.
Beau went to Fayetteville with Jerry & Jared & went to the game. Me & the kids watch OU/Texas with Nicole & Landon. Hogs & Sooners lost. Bad day!

Paxton has discovered the trash truck! HA! He watched it the whole time it was on our street.
I've gotten to be a part of a discipleship group The past four weeks. We went over the 1st chapter of Ephesians with a small group of girl youth. I loved going verse by verse. You get so much more out of it. Now the next leader will take over. Love these girls
Laura S., Carrie C., Irelyn M., Zoe D., Kodi C., Jada C., Claire K., Madison J., & we were missing Darbi Z., & Natalie B.

 He is so funny! He wouldn't take a paci but every now & then he finds this one. You can tell he doesn't even know how to use it. lol!
Were all playing outside & daddy found a turtle!
 Best big sister reading her the best little brother! 
A day at the park with my kids. The weather has been great. Paxton walked all over, fell down, climbed & loved going down the slide.
Found this picture in Piper's room & thought it was awesome!

So nice sitting outside at La Fiesta...
 Silly girl!
 Love my kids in their pajamas!
 Fun at the mall!
He knows how they work.
Pax & I had some friends over for lunch. I made a meal & some yummy dessert. He had fun playing with some friends. I had some great mommy time. These are the only pictures I took. :(

 Beau & I don't know how to to tie tie's. Piper told us she did. Such a sweet picture. Crazy thing is is that she did really good & almost had it!

 Pax ate refried beans one day & with teeth coming in it tore his belly up. It ended up giving him a horrible diaper rash. He couldn't sleep one night. I knew I needed to check on him & he had a dirty diaper. So thankful I checked because I would have hated for him to sleep in that. Then he got snuggles with mama. I don't get these often because this boy is always on the go. Love him!

After Piper's Halloween party she got out of school at 11:15. That meant decorating all these stinkin pumpkins & Halloween music! And enjoying being outside, the wind blowing & the leaves falling. What a great day! 

 Hope you all had a great October & fabulous Halloween!


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