Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy day for the Ames' family! Piper's big news!

November 3, 2013 was a typical Sunday with the Ames'. Church in the morning, we actually went to the fall festival right after church. We came home for a while afterward & just relaxed. I think I was making a wreath. Paxton was napping, Beau watching football, & Piper had been playing in her room for a while. While I was making this wreath at the kitchen table Piper was under the table talking to me then out of the blue she says something. She says "mom, have you asked Jesus into your heart?" I told her that I sure had. She says "me too." My mouth dropped. I told Beau to listen. I asked her when & she said that day. I asked her why she didn't tell anyone at church. She said she didn't do it at church. She said she went to her room & set on her bed beside the window. She asked God to forgive her for her sins & asked Jesus to come into her heart. A part of me wanted to squeal in excitement! I also wanted more information & to talk to Beau about it. I told her we would talk more about it later.
My worry was that she is too young & doesn't really understand. Although Beau & I both felt that Piper would be young when she accepted Christ. Beau said he really believes her. It's not that I didn't I just wanted to make sure. I spent that night & the next morning praying. I talked to Marca who is someone I would ask for advice or encouragement. She told me that Piper believes with all her heart that she asked Jesus into her heart. She talked about the childlike faith. I also called Jacque Gordon our children's minister. She talked about how we as adults make things so difficult I wanted her to of course meet with Piper. She meet with Piper & really felt that Piper understood sin & what it means to have Jesus be the boss of your life. After much prayer & getting advice from others that I trust, I am happy to say that my Piper Annabeth has Jesus in her heart. I didn't want to doubt what the Lord was doing in my little girls heart. IF after all, she didn't quite understand it all we will know later on down the road. Right now we will rejoice!
When Beau & I talked to her about it we both just had tears rolling down our face. I told her that more than ANYTHING in this life that is what her daddy & I pray for the most. More than, college, future husband, and so on.
I also want to add that Beau & I have NEVER discussed what it takes to have Jesus in your heart. We never wanted to push it on her & we knew when the time came that she would know. We thought it was amazing how she felt led to go to her room & do it all on her own. Well, the Lord doing it. When I asked her if she did it while she was playing in her room she said "no, I went to my room so that I could do it." AMAZING!!!
Dad reading the letter that brother Ronnie wrote the day we had her rosebud ceremony in January of 2008.



  1. That is wonderful Becky! We are so proud of you Piper!

  2. This is so wonderful! Yay for a new sister in Christ! Sweet Piper...a great reminder to have faith like a child...trusting and believing without doubt!