Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

This year for Halloween Piper wanted to be Brittany from The Chipmunks. I knew I would have to be a little creative & we thought it would be cute to have Paxton be Alvin. Piper helped me with her costume. She was so excited & loved it! She said her hair looked just like Brittany's! I have to say, I think they make ADORABLE chipmunks! The cutest!!

Pax just wants to GO! I told Beau, this is just how it is for now. 
Look at this adorable Ninja turtle!! Landon & Nicole went with us. We headed to the walking trail then do a little trick or treating at a few houses.

Why yes, mom & dad Paxton needs candy!

Piper, Marin & Paul
Love miss Abbie W.!!
We let Pax hold a twix in the wrapper to keep him occupied. He ended up eating it out of the package. There was no taking it away from him!

Piper & Paige!
The Huerta's!


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