Friday, November 15, 2013

Good Samaritan 5K..

This is the 3rd year our church has had the Good Samaritan 5K. It is in honor of Donna Ellenwood who had a heart for Operation Christmas Child. The entry fee to the race was a box for Operation Christmas Child which I think is AMAZING! We loved buying for the kids. The boxes will go to random places all over the world. Can't wait to see where ours go. 
Piper & I were ready to go! We had fun matching too!
 Beau & Paxton decided to join in!
 Love these sisters! Jana & Dena
We half walked & half ran. We would get ahead of Beau & Pax then they would get ahead of us. Pax was enjoying the ride!

 I was SO proud of Piper. She would run with me. I would try & get her a little further then we would walk. She NEVER complained & you could see she was so tired. I asked her if she needed a ride for a little bit. We did this about 3 different times & ended up on my back for at least a mile. When she got off my back she was ready to run. I was ready to rest but I ran because I knew she would be tired soon. 
 We ended up going through the finish line together. That was fun! Our time was 45.31. Whew! Longest 5K ever! But with part walking, part jogging, & part Piper on my back, it wasn't too bad. 
 Sweet London & Paxton.
 With such a long time you can imagine how surprised I was when they called my name being 2nd in my age group in women. I just laughed. That meant there obviously wasn't too many in my age group & if there were they were walking. HA!
Piper says yay to 5K's! My girl rocked it!
 1st & 2nd places...
There were over 300 boxes donated & 154 participated in the run/walk. What a great event. LOVE the cause. Fun day! Beautiful day for a race!

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