Thursday, November 14, 2013

Days at home with my boy

I am LOVING my time with Paxton. This boy is the sweetest & he makes me laugh so much. He likes to do things that will make you laugh. When you laugh, he laughs & keeps doing it. (he's a ham). 

Trying to write on paper with a pen.
In this Curious George book it has a mirror in the back. Paxton loves to look at himself in it. He smiles. It's so cute. He knows he's cute!
He is a monkey & can climb on our couch too.

Pax hasn't gotten into TV which is fine with me but he sat down for a few minutes watching Sesame Street. I really don't have the tv on much. So cute. He didn't stay there long.
 Funniest boy I know!
Piper was SO good at eating veggies. Paxton is not. He doesn't like the green ones. He wants to eat what we eat & is usually screaming the whole time we eat. (green beans in the hair)
 Loves cars! He will push cars all over the house & make car sounds.
 Paxton was either not feeling well or really tired this day. He was fussy so I put him on my lap. he fell right to sleep on me. I held that sweet boy for a little bit before I laid him down. This NEVER happens. I don't get snuggles like this ever! He so use to going to sleep in his bed on his own because he's awesome!
 He is in to EVERYTHING!! Here he has emptied his powder bottle out.
Could I have just one minute of privacy?? (at the bathroom door)
This boy keeps me on my toes. SO much fun & pure sweetness!

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