Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bulldog football

We went to our first football game this year. It was homecoming. It ended up being our only football game.
Paxton reached for a guy behind me so the old man took him. He said "it's okay, I'm a grandpa." My several attempts to get Paxton back failed as Paxton refused to come back to his mommy & chose to stay with a stranger which made the other 3 men with him laugh. Finally I got him to come to me. Stinker!
Let me also mention that he was the baby that screamed in my arms while they did the National Anthem because of the fireworks which led to anyone in a 100 foot radius to stare at me. Needless to say neither of my kids like the fireworks. Paxton would cry every time & Piper was ready to cover her ears every time there was a touchdown. Yuppy kids!
 Cameron & Piper

The bulldogs won 50 strait games to lose in the semi finals against Pine Bluff. They did great & have so much to be proud of!
Go Bulldogs!

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