Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Super September

Hello September! Celebrated both kids birthdays & excited for fall!!
 The love between these two. Oh my!!
Pax had a virus & had to do breathing treatments. Poor baby.

 Piper & I were walking one day & a snake was right beside us. I didn't even notice it but Piper did. Beau came out & saved the day!
 We were in Antlers & Beau decided to do a little run with me which ended up being 3 1/2 miles. We walked a lot but he did really good considering it was his first in a long time.

 Piper Annabeth had strep :( She got it from a boy in school. Poor girl! She was so tuff though.
(One week later, I had it.:()
 Garrett said I wish you would take my picture with Paxton. :)
 Uncle Windale will always try & Soonerfy my son. Okay with me.
 My aunt Liz has a zip line. Beau & I had fun but Piper wanted no part in it.
Piper wanted to hold my hand as we went for a walk.

 Look at my sweet boy! O my goodness!! Love this picture!
 Piper loves to sleep in my t-shirts. She put this one on that I wore at neonathon & said people will think she's "mommy's little runner." So sweet!
 Pax & I met Holly, Beau, Jacque, & Nicole for lunch one day. Look at those sweet friends!
Sometimes he thinks he can just jump over things..
Playing soccer with Landon & Piper. There was a lot of trash talking going on.
 Pepaw getting in on the action.

 Beau & I had nursery duty & here he is going through the tunnel (big kid).
 Paxton & Sullivan
 Brooklyn's spa 6th birthday party!
Make sure & tear his food in pieces b/c he will shove it all in his mouth.

Marin's 6th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!
Little Red Riding Hood
 We walked in a store & I hear "mom" & here they were. So silly!
 Game night! First Headbandanz

 Then some Cranium.
Beau was trying to act out Leave it to Beaver.

 We were SO excited to have Michael Wayne here this past weekend!

 Never a dull moment with my husband. What makes this even funnier is that Piper's teacher walked around the corner & saw him.
 The 3 amigos
 Tickle time!
 Watching some Sooner football... "Touchdown"

 Beau & I were walking Monday while Piper was at school & sweet Pax fell asleep!
What a great great month!! Life is SO good!

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