Thursday, October 31, 2013

No school Monday!

We were so excited Piper was out of school Monday for fall break. Well, Piper wasn't but she ended up having fun anyway.
Piper reading her AR book. We went shopping. Yes, even did some Christmas shopping. We ate lunch at Market Place then found a new park! 

 Paxton falls then just rolls around in the mulch. You know, just to make it worse.
 Piper almost got all the way across the monkey bars. She tried & tried until she got better & better. We were so proud of her determination.
 Paxton loves the slides.

 I love my husband!
Then we went on a walking trail. It was beautiful. We got almost all the way around til we got to the road & saw a HUGE snake. I didn't take a picture because we were too busy turning around & going back the other way. It was seriously atleast as long as Piper.

What a great day with my people! Love them SO much! They are the best!

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