Friday, October 18, 2013

Kindergarten update

Piper Annabeth is LOVING kindergarten! The first 9 weeks is over. Most mornings I don't even have to wake her up. I don't have any problems getting her up and around for school. She is excited to go everyday. On Friday's she say she can't wait til Monday so she can go back.

I love that we can go eat lunch with Piper anytime we want. She really loved it when we all came.
The first few weeks of school they had different colors to wear. This day was bulldog blue!!
We pray everyday on our way to school.
The second week of school Piper got Leader of the week. We were SO proud!!
Ready to be the leader for the week!
For being the leader she had to bring pictures, her favorite book, & fill out a survey.
 While eating breakfast in the morning's we read a devotional & I love our morning chat. 
 The first day of school I left a note on Piper's snacks & now I have to everyday. She says that is her favorite part of the day! (don't laugh, I am NOT an artist!)

 So big walking in that big ole school by herself!
 Looking beautiful on picture day! She was worried that PE would mess up her hair! 

Parent teacher conference:

We had our first parent teacher conference & basically we are raising a genius. :) Which we knew that.
Piper is above average on everything & is reading.
This month there are 2 kids that get to start AR testing & Piper is one of them. We are so proud!
Also her teacher says she is so sweet & quiet but on the playground she is quirky & funny!
She has already started her testing & is doing great. She reads a book until she can read it well then takes a test on it.
A funny story:
I was going through Piper's folder one day & noticed she got a blue stamp (which is not good) & it said "pushing & hitting". My mouth dropped. I asked Piper if she got in trouble for pushing & hitting & she just started crying. She said no that she didn't. I said Piper I am going to ask your teacher & I will find out the truth. I also told her that God knew the truth. She promised me she didn't. I e-mailed her teacher & Mrs. Smith e-mailed me back immediately. She had gotten her paper mixed up with someone else. She felt horrible! Poor Piper. I hadn't gotten on to her b/c Piper usually doesn't lie & I wanted to see what her teacher had said. It made me think that if some day Piper does happen to get in trouble which is possible even though she is a great kid, she still isn't perfect. I need to be prepared in how to act.
They got to decorate pumpkins!
Piper had her first accident at school (besides a nose bleed she had in the beginning.)
A boy had pour water on a slide & she slipped on it & slammed her face on the ground. She scratched her head, chin, teeth, & had a nose bleed. I guess I should have taken a picture. She got to leave school 30 minutes early.
The life of a pumpkin.
Homecoming week the kids got to dress up everyday!
Piper LOVED this & she looked so cute!
Mascot Monday, Topsy Tuesday (hat day), Wacky Wednesday, Tie Thursday, Fan Friday.
Piper has learned about: rhyming, syllables, she set a goal to tie her own shoe & it's already accomplished!
She is reading! The snappy words she has learned I, a, see, big, little, my, can, the, look, like, in, is, it, & if. She even knows how to spell them & use them in sentences. She's learning about Christopher Columbus, compound words, & she knows how to use a period & exclamation point.
 Westwood had their curriculum night & Piper loved it. They had different math stations & different activities in different rooms. She played games with her friend Emma, Caden & his sister Cambree, & the Esserman kids.
 Then I went to the book fair with Piper. She saw the Lalaloopsy book & that was it. We also got a Halloween book  & some gel pens.
Piper wanted to get mrs. Smith something for her birthday. She came up with this all on her own. We made pumpkin muffins, Piper painted an owl & she made her a card. She loves her teacher! Mrs. Smith wrote such a sweet letter to her.

As a family we got to write a story about a scarecrow. It had to have characters, a setting, a problem, & a solution. We also got to decorate the scarecrow. We had fun with this. We even put real hay on the scarecrow's patches.

Beau & I are SO proud of Piper. I remember how sad I was when Piper was starting school & I am so thankful for it now. I am amazed at how much she is learning & she is having so much fun. I also enjoy the little things about it. Like our special moments in the mornings & her extra-curricular activities. I love hearing about her days & that she has so many friends. I also love that they have a moment of silence every day.


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  1. Glad she is having so much fun! Cute pictures!