Monday, September 30, 2013

Wreath making with the girls!

Me & a few friends we SO excited to volunteer our friend Cora to teach us how to make big poofy wreaths. We went with Christmas ones.
The guys asked that they wouldn't be too big. Hope they weren't too disappointed!
Cora is awesome! 
 And here is my goofy friend Jacque! Aaron said every bird in Greenwood would be nesting in that thing!
 Hayle, Amanda, Ruthann, & Erin
 Jana, Jacque, Becky, & Nicole
 Cora (poor girl didn't get to make one b/c she was busy helping us!), Holly, Bekah, & Whitney.
 Tada!! My big poofy Christmas wreath! Beau teased & asked I planned on putting this on our huge two story house. lol!
What a fun day with some of my favorite people. We had glitter EVERYWHERE!! So thankful for my lifegroup & thankful for such great friends!!

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