Saturday, September 28, 2013

Piper's birthday

Piper was out of school for her birthday & Beau took off work. We were so excited!
We had Piper's door decorated & got her presents ready. She decided to sleep in that day. The 3 of us just waited. 
 Apparently Paxton got tired of waiting & pushed Piper's door & crawled underneath. We couldn't get to him. Piper woke up then.
 Happy birthday pretty girl!

She requested donuts for breakfast.
We headed to Fort Smith after that. We did some shopping & ate lunch at the mall. Then Piper wanted to go to the park. Uncle Hank, aunt Nicole, & Landon met us there.
 I put Paxton at the bottom of the slide & he climbed right up it. I thought he would slide down & wouldn't be able to get up it but he did. I had Piper go up & slide back down with him. I told her to put him on her lap. On your lap, hand around his neck same thing right??? Geez!!

Happy loved her birthday!! Happy birthday to Our Princess!!! 

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