Friday, September 27, 2013

Piper is 6!

~She loves to give squeezy kisses. She will put her arm around you & squeeze you tight & it hurts.
~She loves lalaloopsy's, dancing, kindergarten, her cousins, going to the park, la fiesta, arts & crafts, Alvin & the chipmunks (& chipette's),
~She still LOVES the color pink but is now into rainbow.
~Pretty sure her gift is praying. She always wants to pray for people.
~She is the best big sister!!
~Still a mama's girl :)
Aunt Nicole watched Paxton for me while I went & ate lunch with Piper the day before her birthday. She requested Geno's. I loved getting to eat with just her.
 Piper got to get on stage for her birthday & got to get sang to. It was so cute! Love my 6 year old!
Wow! 6??? She is still my baby girl!!

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