Thursday, September 5, 2013

Neonathon 5K

Us runners are at it again. Love running with these girls! Cora we missed you! Hope you can get back to running with us when things settle down.
Jacque, me, Whitney
 Whitney, Jacque, me, Shaina, Cerena, & Lexi
 I loved that the area we were running was flat. What I didn't love was that it was "just for fun." I mean who runs just for fun?? I also didn't like that it was 2 laps because the walkers kept getting in my way. Not that I have a problem with walkers but they would take up the whole road in big groups while I had a hard time getting around. I almost twisted my ankle trying to get around at one point. 
 So proud of these girls! So excited that I beat my last 5K time. I ran it in 28.32. I was so exhausted & thought I might pass out but I did it! I improved my last time by 2 minutes & 10 seconds. 
Whitney & Jacque both improved their time also. 
I also was afraid that I wouldn't like being splashed with water while I was running but I really didn't mind it. Cooled me off & the didn't squirt my face. 

Fun fun night! 
Ready to go again!


  1. Looks so fun! I must admit I would be one of those walkers! BUT I so would've got out of the way honey!

  2. Ha! I don't mind walkers Tonia. I have to walk part of it I just had a hard time getting around the large group of them. :)