Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paxton is 1!

The past few days I have set down & cried a little. I just was reminded of our journey to get Paxton here, my labor & delivery, how much we enjoy this boy, & how this year has FLOWN! 
My Paxton Asher is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paxton plays peek-a-boo!
He will get mad & me being the good mom that I am shows him the picture which makes him even more mad & he starts hitting at the phone & throws a fit.
He throws his head back too when throwing a fit.
He was throwing a fit one day & rubbed his head across the carpet. Got a little carpet burn on his head. But, he hasn't done it since so maybe he learned his lesson??
He loves sleeping with his monkey. We give it to him when he lays down & he just grabs it & eats it up.

Paxton loves to unroll the toilet paper & it drives me nuts. If you use one of our bathrooms more than likely our toilet paper will look like this.
Has been sticking his finger in his nose! EEWWW!
LOVES sunglasses!!  He will keep them on for a while & smile real big when you put them on him.

He loves bananas & peas & still eats a lot of baby food.
Really LOVES cars. He will push them across the carpet & make a car noise. It's so cute!
He is the most precious boy I know!
Silly boy found a paci. Didn't really know what to do. It was funny watching him.
Dude is not walking yet. He has taken steps (more like running) & can stand but is a little scared to walk. 

Good mornin!!!!

-He wears 12 months clothes. Size 4 shoes. Size 3 diapers.
-Has 7 teeth!
-Loves to dance
-A destructive boy who likes to make messes & do things he isn't suppose to
-Says: Hi, dada, mama, night night, YAY, bye bye, has said yes some, & go.....
-When eating dinner he gets a stage 2 meat & yogurt. He will scream the whole time wanting you to fed him faster!
-When he wakes up he likes to point at the ceiling fan.
-He has the cutest little blonde mullet ever! We call him Frank Barone
-Loves to slap, pull your sunglasses off you face or hit. It's all outta love <3
-Likes giving the "touchdown" sign.
-Loves attention! Oh my!
-Sleeps from 8-7ish. Takes a good morning nap then usually a short afternoon nap.
-He likes smacking his lips. It's so cute.
We are so thankful for this past year with Paxton. He changed our lives forever & that huge smile brings us so much joy everyday. I can't wait til he is older & we can share with him our journey to get him here. He is such a fun, wild, baby boy & couldn't be more perfect. So sad there will be no more babies in the Ames' home. It's bittersweet. Thank you Lord for this past year. It has been amazing!
Happy 1st birthday Paxton Asher!

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