Monday, September 30, 2013

Wreath making with the girls!

Me & a few friends we SO excited to volunteer our friend Cora to teach us how to make big poofy wreaths. We went with Christmas ones.
The guys asked that they wouldn't be too big. Hope they weren't too disappointed!
Cora is awesome! 
 And here is my goofy friend Jacque! Aaron said every bird in Greenwood would be nesting in that thing!
 Hayle, Amanda, Ruthann, & Erin
 Jana, Jacque, Becky, & Nicole
 Cora (poor girl didn't get to make one b/c she was busy helping us!), Holly, Bekah, & Whitney.
 Tada!! My big poofy Christmas wreath! Beau teased & asked I planned on putting this on our huge two story house. lol!
What a fun day with some of my favorite people. We had glitter EVERYWHERE!! So thankful for my lifegroup & thankful for such great friends!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Piper's 6th birthday

We had Piper's 6th, lalaloopsy party at the Edge Cafe. She had lots of fun! We had her cousins & a few of her friends. It's so neat how Piper has been friends with them since they were TINY! Hope they stay that way!

 This was the party favors. She had a picture with each of her guest.

 Uncle Danny & aunt Jane surprised us & showed up!!!
 They got to decorate their own little cakes. I think this was a big hit! (& a big mess!)
 And the birthday girl!!!
Happy birthday Piper Annabeth!!
(I forgot a candle!)

 Present time!!

 Piper has some awesome friends!!
 Let's not forget birthday whoopins!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Piper's birthday

Piper was out of school for her birthday & Beau took off work. We were so excited!
We had Piper's door decorated & got her presents ready. She decided to sleep in that day. The 3 of us just waited. 
 Apparently Paxton got tired of waiting & pushed Piper's door & crawled underneath. We couldn't get to him. Piper woke up then.
 Happy birthday pretty girl!

She requested donuts for breakfast.
We headed to Fort Smith after that. We did some shopping & ate lunch at the mall. Then Piper wanted to go to the park. Uncle Hank, aunt Nicole, & Landon met us there.
 I put Paxton at the bottom of the slide & he climbed right up it. I thought he would slide down & wouldn't be able to get up it but he did. I had Piper go up & slide back down with him. I told her to put him on her lap. On your lap, hand around his neck same thing right??? Geez!!

Happy loved her birthday!! Happy birthday to Our Princess!!! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Piper is 6!

~She loves to give squeezy kisses. She will put her arm around you & squeeze you tight & it hurts.
~She loves lalaloopsy's, dancing, kindergarten, her cousins, going to the park, la fiesta, arts & crafts, Alvin & the chipmunks (& chipette's),
~She still LOVES the color pink but is now into rainbow.
~Pretty sure her gift is praying. She always wants to pray for people.
~She is the best big sister!!
~Still a mama's girl :)
Aunt Nicole watched Paxton for me while I went & ate lunch with Piper the day before her birthday. She requested Geno's. I loved getting to eat with just her.
 Piper got to get on stage for her birthday & got to get sang to. It was so cute! Love my 6 year old!
Wow! 6??? She is still my baby girl!!