Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend at the lakehouse

This past weekend we headed to Beaver lake with Beau's family. We were so excited! We had wanted to do something fun with Piper before she starts kindergarten & this was just perfect!!
This little dude refused to nap on the way there!!
 As we were pulling up to the lake house there were 3 deer just like this but the other 2 had ran off.

At one of the stores they had these big ice creams! They had 5 different sizes & this was the smallest!
Mudder getting to meet Paxton for the first time. They all just LOVED Paxton. They couldn't believe how good he was. They had never seen a baby smile so much & entertain himself like Paxton. Jo really loved him!
 This lake is BEAUTIFUL!!
It rained most of the time we were there so we spent a lot of time inside. We had a boat rented for Saturday but the rain changed our plans. 

 Tammy was determined to get these beads out of the tree that she was willing to risk hers & Beau's life :)
Love this picture of Piper & aunt Tammy!!
 Karen & Camden
I loved drinking my coffee on the balcony.

 My family! Ready for some shopping.
The rain didn't stop us from getting in the water!

 This is what Paxton practically did the whole time. It was driving me nuts! It was mostly small rocks that he was putting in his mouth. I was constantly digging them out. 
 Beau made Piper huge bowls of cereal. She loved it!
 Sweet Camden
Tammy showing Paxton videos on her phone.

 We celebrated Tammy's birthday which is on our anniversary. :)
Love Tammy!!
Piper & I eating cake on the deck.

 They were so impressed with Piper that she slept in her own room on a different floor than Beau & I. She said "what, I do it all the time."
 We played LOTS of games. Piper & Joseph are starting young with poker.
 Karen & I beat the guys in taboo.

 Checking out Camden
 Piper & Jaden getting some love from Mudder!
 My loves!!!

We had such a great weekend. The rain can't stop us from having fun! 

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