Friday, August 16, 2013

Robbers Cave (part 2)

They got a bounce around for the kids & they had so much fun! We all did!

 Me & the birthday boy!!

 After all that we headed to the caves. There is so much neat history behind Robbers Cave. It is an area that was used for outlaws to hide after the civil war. Jesse James was one of them. Belle Starr welcomed outlaws at her home in a cabin about 20 minutes north of Robbers Cave. She was murdered in 1889 near the town & her killer was never identified.
 There's Pepaw!
 Nicole & mom said they would just wait there.

 They loved following pepaw & Beau!

 Bout to go through a cave. Well, me not so much. I went half way through & was so freaked out! Sorry kids! Beau took them through. Well, Michael & Maraina went through.
It is BEAUTIFUL there. I had been as a kid but it's been a while.

We want to go back whenever we can wear tennis shoes & maybe leave the kids with mimi! What a great day!!
Happy birthday to my big 7 year old nephew! 

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