Thursday, August 15, 2013

Robbers Cave (part 1)

Saturday we headed to Robbers cave to celebrate Michael Wayne's 7th birthday!!!
First thing was feeding the catfish. This was so neat. There were so many & they stayed in one spot. The would even splash us.
 We would put a lot in one place & they would go crazy!

 Fun at the park!
 Paxton always gives mimi lots of love!

 Pax can't get enough of Audrey!

 Michael had an Avenger party! Cupcake time!
 Time for presents!
 Checking out the nature center. So neat.  (Silly husband)

Then on to the pool!
Michael & Landon LOVED the slide. I went down with them too!

 Dad & mom with the birthday boy!

So much fun already but it wasn't over! More to come!!!

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