Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kindergarten! Open house & the first day!

Piper has been counting down the days but I have not been so excited! Getting ready & seeing her excitement has made me more excited. I know she is going to love it so much & it's been so fun preparing for such a big day. It's a blessing to get to go to school & seeing how great of a school she is going to makes me even more happier. Beau & I decided before we registered Piper that we wouldn't request a teacher. Instead we were just going to pray that God would put her with the teacher that would be best for her. We both really felt like it was going to be Mrs. Smith & we were so happy when she got put in her class. 
The best part is that Mrs. Smith is a christian. 
I was still sick on orientation so Beau went alone. I cried when he got back knowing I was missing (I really am a baby when it comes to my kids). Then we had orientation where I got to take Piper to meet her teacher. She actually got inside & got a little nervous. It really made me sad because I didn't expect it & I really want her to love it. Soon she started walking around, checking things out & she felt more at ease. Her teacher & the student teacher are super sweet.

Have I mentioned there are 7 people in there that she knows?? AWESOME!

 Piper & Jocilin.
 Our most favorite school counselor!! I babysat Veronica's oldest boy when they first moved to town. Love them!
 Piper already had a school project to work on & she could not wait! We found things that told all about her. She did so good!
Moms on a mission:  Saturday we had 3 other moms & two teachers meet at the school & we prayed over the whole school & the upcoming year. We prayed for every staff member, the parking lot, playground & gym. It was a huge blessing just giving it over to the Lord!
We celebrated the night before school with cupcakes!

I made biscuits, gravy, bacon, & eggs her first day of school. I wanted it to be perfect but I know everyday won't be like that.

 My BEAUTIFUL girl! O my goodness!!

 The lovely mrs. Smith! :)
 Every day when she gets to school she will drag her name to whether she brought her lunch or is eating in the cafeteria. So neat!
 Not everyone was there the 1st day. They all go back on Thursday.
 Looks so big at her desk. She sits beside Jett & Hayes.
We prayed before she left. I kissed her hand & told her if she misses me to just put her hand on her cheek & keep my kiss.They read a story about a raccoon who went to school & missed it's mom so she kissed his hand. I love that Mrs. Smith had us do that.
Piper was so excited & was not sad at all. I however got in the car & sobbed! I wondered all day what she was doing. I was so glad Beau got to be there. When I picked her up & asked her how it was, she said "it was awesome!" 
As much as I dreaded it I am excited for this year for my baby girl! 

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  1. She is so cute! So glad she loved it! Hope she has an awesome year!