Thursday, August 1, 2013


 My adorable nephews!!
Michael & Landon
He thinks he is helping me with laundry but he's really just making a big mess!
Piper stayed a few days with mimi & got to go swimming. (she is swimming on her back really good now & she learned that on her own!!)

 Pax had his first taste of refried beans. We went to La Fiesta & of course I forgot to bring him food or a bottle so I gave him some beans. He LOVED them. He yelled so loud when he kept wanting another bite.
 Mom got Piper a new tea set. She LOVES it so much. One night we watched a movie. Piper picked a movie instead of a cartoon {Saige & the Painted Sky} (When did she get that big?) Beau & I liked the movie too. Paxton was seriously into EVERYTHING!!! He was banging the dishes. We would get him down then he was messing with the PS3. We would get him down from there then it was on to something else then all of it all over again. Whew!!

 Getting his daddy!
 He has been really into spinning wheels.

 Piper Annabeth is moving out of the preschool area at church & in with the big kids (I'm crying).
 She wanted to build a club house. Beau was humoring her. Good daddy!
 Bowling with the family! The Ames' sure know how to have fun!
We went to the movies with the Farris girls. This was Pax's first movie theater experience. He did pretty good. Wiggled a little then fell asleep. When he woke up he just layed on me. He would look at the movie then look at me and smile. It was so sweet. The girls had fun!
 Piper loves to smell all the scents in Bath & Body Works.
 My little owl!
 Poor teething baby!
 My sweet sleeping princess!
 One of our goals this summer was to write to 100. Great job Piper!!
Our church had a fellowship at the Alma Water Park. We had so much fun!
 And it wore my babies out!!
Paxton has been eating pancakes with no syrup of course & loves them!
 We finally got to meet baby Beau!
Big Beau & little Beau!
 Got in a crafty mood & made this.
 While the kids stayed a few days with mimi Beau & I rented 42 & ate La Fiesta at home. Great night!
I have started making Paxton's fruits & veggies. I figured it up & there is over a $6 difference in the price!
Matthew, Kayla, & the kids went to Fort Smith for some school shopping & we met them at the mall. So happy!
 We met the Green's for some ice cream!
Another swimming day with family!
 On the walking trail with the kids.
 Little craft time..

 Daisy & Autumn came to see us one day!
 Back at the 2 dollar movie. This time we had the Ames', Farris', Youngblood's, & Eserman's. You could tell Piper had seen the movie a few times (Chipwrecked) b/c she busted out singing every time a song came on (in her chipmunk voice of course). Then at the end of the movie, Piper, Daisy, & Marin were dancing. It was quite entertaining. Little man fell asleep again :) One thing I love about taking him to the movies is getting to snuggle with him! 

We are having so much fun & sad the summer is almost over. But.... We almost have everything marked off on our summer fun list!

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