Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cousin time!

Nicole & Landon came up to find a place to live & get Landon ready for school in 1st grade. We have had so much fun! We found them a place & Landon is enrolled & ready for school at Eastpoint. We were hoping he would get to be at Westwood with Piper but their first grade class was too full.
Fun at McDonald's!
I ran at the track one day while Nicole, Piper, & Landon played on the field. 
Our little bulldogs!

Some soccer fun!

Then after Michael's birthday Landon went to stay a few days with his grandparents & Michael got to come with us. It was his first time to stay with us all by himself!!! We had so much fun!! Nicole & I went to Fayetteville & finished our school shopping while Beau took the kids to McDonald's. 

 Pax had had diarrhea since Sunday. Then Monday night Piper started throwing up. A couple hours later Michael started throwing up. The 3 of us took turns cleaning up & holding them as they got sick. Then about 4:30 in the morning I started throwing up. Then Beau did. Then Nicole. It was insane how long it spread through the house & thankful Paxton never threw up! 
 We were so glad Beau was there that night bc Michael tried to make it to the bathroom & didn't make it. :(
 I stayed sick the whole next day. Piper &  Michael would feel good then need to lay down again. Beau & Nicole were feeling better just felt sick at their stomachs. 
It lasted about 24 hours but glad it is over! Stomach bugs are the worst!!!
Love some cousin time!!

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