Monday, August 19, 2013

11 months old!

1 more month & we will be celebrating my boys 1st birthday! I cannot believe it! 
Paxton is a BOY all the way. He is destructive & likes to bang on things. Anything that makes noise.
He bangs his head on his car seat & high chair which is so weird to me. 
He is not walking yet but walks around the whole house holding on to things. It seems like it will be a little bit before he starts walking & I am OKAY with that. Take your time sweet boy.
He has been eating some finger foods.
 It really isn't often that he cries unless he is teething. He really is such a happy & content baby! The happiest!
 He raises his arms when you say "touchdown".
He was throwing a fit one day so I took his picture. I showed him the picture then he got mad & kept trying to snatch my phone out of my hand. He finally just threw his body back. Stinker!
He is a dancer! Anytime music is on he will be dancing.
His sister loves giving him kisses & checks on him when he cries. 
He likes playing with play phones & holds them up to his ear so he can talk.
He says dada, mama, night night, bye bye, & other jabbering.
He likes to get in to things that he isn't suppose to.
He is off the bottle & in a week or so we will put him on whole milk.

If you are a man & you walk up to talk to him be ready to take him. He will go to ANY man. Not woman though.
He doesn't kiss all the time but when he does it's awesome! He will grab your face & it is basically like he is trying to eat your face. Sweet & slobbery!
He likes to unroll the toilet paper, play with dad's PS3 controller, & eat anything off the ground.
This boy is a mess & I wouldn't have him any other way!
We love you sweet baby boy! So much!!

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