Saturday, August 31, 2013

Awesome August

Playing with daddy's 80's hair wig! HA!
 One day my brother came to church with us last month. You could tell something was going on & it was amazing. He got saved! Can't tell you what an answered prayer this is!!!
 Piper wants to be a runner like her momma! ;)
Yep, always getting in to things!

Celebrating Daisy's 6th birthday!
Always gets his daddy's controller. Even if we think we hid it good.

Getting their Duck Dynasty on!

After open house we met the Farris girls at McDonalds.
 Such cute girls!!
 The girl on the left was just playing with them & jumped in the picture.
Family park night! Pax though he was big stuff crawling around up there. He would just giggle & get so excited!
 Landon is going to church with us now & loves it!

 Met the Cook's for breakfast at the Jenny Lind cafe. Kinda bad when your California friends introduce you to a hole in the wall breakfast place. It was so good!

 The 1st day of school was a success! Just celebrating!
 Kick off!
 I'm scared at how well Piper can imitate the cheerleaders.
Piper got to stay at home with me for 2 more days after school started & I sure enjoyed her! She made a toilet roll bird feeder.
Although Paxton doesn't have a lot of hair. He still has mr. Chance beat!
Ready for school!
My cute boy kept trying to put his sister's glasses on so I helped him out. Way too cute!
Just reading my bible!
Love a Friday night outside with the family.
Just like I did with my brother Piper wants to teach Paxton everything she learns in kindergarten. She even tells him to pay attention.
Piper & I doing some crafts!
Me & Pax are still trying to get use to his sister being gone. I love getting some snuggles though! I have really enjoyed getting some one on one time with my boy!
Landon & Piper like to play in the middle of the stairs at Landon's...
Paxton likes to climb the stairs. We try & block off the stairs. He is fast!
Collins & Paxton in the nursery.
We have finished our Summer Fun list! 
What a great month & what a great summer!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lifegroup swim party

Saturday night we had a lifegroup swim party. What a fun night!
Look at those cute girls! Marin & Piper!

LOVE these girls!!

Great night with some of the best people!!