Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My first 5K!!!

The time had finally come for the Freedom Fest 5K. We were so excited! Our goal was to run this thing in 35 minutes. Although we only started preparing for this a week and a half in advance we trained hard! I am SO thankful for Cora & Jacque! Whitney has been running with us too. Wish she could have been there!

 Look how stinkin cute Brittney looks!! She did not win most patriotic but by golly she should have!! ;)
 Here are me & Jacque starting the race. I think my adrenaline was going at first & just took off. Shaina & Cora were right behind us but somehow I lost all of them. I ran almost my first mile then had to stop a little. I had to stop some on Nashville also. That road is tough! I was so thirsty at one point. My throat got so dry & couldn't hardly breath. There was one point I thought I could actually pass out. I ran a lot of it. I think seeing people pass me & just the competition of it all made me keep going. 
 Brother Ronnie & Destiny. They finished right in front of me in the race.
 The last mile me & this girl kept passing each other. She finally got beside me & we finished it together. She really did keep me going at the end. Sweet lady!
 Crossing that finish line!
 I was just so happy to be finished!!!  
I was 10th in my division in women.
I ran it in 30:42 & my pace was 6:09. 
 Here come Jacque & Cora! They did awesome too!!
We just felt so accomplished finishing this race!! 
Now, on to the next 5K!!!

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