Friday, July 19, 2013

My 10 month old!

~Pax started pulling up before he turned 9 months old & hasn't stopped. He is walking along things now too.
~He is a rough little boy! I try & get him to be easy but he just isn't getting it. I tell him his cute face won't keep him out of trouble forever.
~He gets into EVERYTHING!!!  Piper was not like this. I could tell her no & she wouldn't get into it & I didn't have to worry. Paxton however is a wild man. Lord help us!
~Has 3 teeth (2 on bottom, 1 on top) Almost has a 4th one in.
~Still mostly army crawls. They call him the "sniper". Low, lethal, & fast!!! He will do the regular crawl some.
~loves waving hi, bye, & giving fives. Also claps a lot.
~When he is eating & you don't feed him fast enough he will bang on the table.
~Loves banging his hands on things & just making noise.
~Size 3 shoes, size 3 diapers. 9-12 month clothes. 
~He is a man's baby. Likes men a lot more than women. 
~One day I went running & I came home & he was sitting on Beau fussing saying "mamamamama". Then he saw me & was crying crawling toward me. Made me so happy since he is a daddy's boy.
~Has been dancing. 
He is the happiest baby & is just amazing!! I will be planning a 1 year old party soon & I just can't believe it!
Before I put him to bed last night I held him like a baby & fake cried & begged him not to turn 10 months old. He cried back but he did it anyway.

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