Thursday, July 25, 2013

More time in Antlers & fun at the lake!

We headed back to Antlers for some more fun with family then fun at the lake. 
We had to drag Piper's huge breakable teaset back so she could play with it.
 We played some 21 the first night then hit the volleyball around with a lot of the family. We had so much fun & laughed so much!
 Snuggle time with dad!
 We had lots of fun at the lake & it wasn't crowded at all. We ate some bbq brisket too.

 An alligator!

 Ashley, Tosha, Becky, Kayla, & Nicole

 This is one of the best couple in the world right here! Almost married 33 years & are such a great example. They are there for everyone!
 Piper & I climbing a tree.
We also got together & played volleyball til we couldn't move anymore.
 Beau & I being goofy on the back of the 4-wheeler.

 Kamyn eating a pickle.
I am just blessed!!! 

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