Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June = summer

 It has been so much fun month.  I can't believe how busy it has been with only a 5 year old & 9 month old. I am so glad we said no to some things so we could enjoy this summer. I imagine as my children get older the busier it will get. Had to say no to tennis camp because we didn't want to go from tennis to swim lessons then to whatever else was going on. So much to choose from but we definitely wanted to have free time & just relax. This is the last summer before my girls starts kindergarten! 
Paxton Asher has been spitting while he eats. 
 We were in the mall & made a stop in Candy Craze. Piper was excited!
 After staying up late watching storms.
 Piper is ready to go to mimi's!
 I think my poor husband is tired!
 Big sister reading to little brother.
 One day Paxton was in his jumper & I got him out. I noticed I had poop on me then I saw it on him. Piper noticed it was on his jumper & all in the carpet. I had to shower us both, scrub the carpet & clean the jumper. Piper was watching the whole time telling my she wishes she could help but it was too gross. I think I need about 10 more kids. HA! 
But look at this sweet face!
Snow cones!!
We were coming back from Antlers & Beau wanted to rub my feet. He's too good to me :)
 One day we did some Father's Day shopping. Pax got worn out & Piper had saved up her own money to buy her own Lalaloopsy. She always wants us to get her one (I wish I could tell you how many she has. It's ridiculous). They are expensive. We told her she needed to save up her own money. She did.
 We made star shaped crayons.
Painted a birdhouse.
Pax LOVES his baths!!
 Sometimes Pax will go to Piper's door while she is in there playing & try to get in. Poor baby!
 Piper is doing the reading program with Mrs. Baker at the library. They listen to stories then do a craft. We are going to read 30 books from the library this summer. She is loving it & gets to see some of her friends.

 Piper gettin some mama love.
One of Piper's favorite things. Family movie night. We ate salad & pizza. She loves getting ready for this. She made us little invitations. So cute! Mine has veggies on it & Beau's has pepperoni. I love how Pax is holding his bottle trying to watch the movie.

 A little work out. HA!
 Piper & I worked in the flowerbed one day. She pulled a few weeds then it was on to chalk & bubbles!
Hank, Nicole, & Landon came up for a few days.
 Paxton says it's time to get up!

Love him so much!
 A snow princess has to eat ice cream!
Pretty sure it doesn't get much cuter than this!! O my goodness! This boy is something else.
 He likes these carrots!
 Jessica & I had a yard sale & the girls sold lemonade & brownies. How could you turn these cute faces down????  Apparently not too many people because they made $5.00 each!
 The girls decided they would dance to bring in more customers. HA!

 Love my little firecrackers!!

I have been preparing to run a 5K with these 2 girls & it has been so much fun! I LOVE sports but I have never loved running! I LOVE running with these girls! I am so thankful for them & I am glad to just get to visit with them.


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