Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A quick trip... God's wonderful country... OKLAHOMA!
Piper was already at mimi's so Paxton & I had to make a pit stop to Wilburton to see my beautiful niece & to bring Michael to Antlers with us. I love this sweet girl! 
Michael & Piper are best buds & I am sure Paxton & Audrey will be as well.
Paxton LOVES his uncle Hank! It is so funny because he will always grab Hank's ear & his hat. lol!
Wild man Kamyn! Just licking the dirt! 
Gettin some lub!
We went to the pool & had lots of fun!
Piper & Kaylee
Nicole & Kamyn
Snack time!
My cousin Crickette's two kids were there.
Shelby Lynn was attached to my hip the rest of the day! She is on my dad's side.
Tristan (Shelby's brother), Cory, Kaylee, & Kamyn

Pax is the happiest baby! Look at that smile!
Kaylee Rae & Piper doing some dancing!
The best uncle!
Paxton & aunt Jane. He was making everyone smile & laugh being so darn cute!
Cuties in their Angry Bird pj's mimi got them.
Kamyn wanted to pick up & hold Paxton.
Then Matthew, Kayla, & Audrey came for a visit & to pick up Michael.

The girls!
Mimi's grand kids. All 5 of them!!

Silly face!!!

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