Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A busy & fun day!

We had a full day planned. We started out with lunch at Mcalisters. Beau & I are liking that place a lot. 
We gave Pax a taste of pickle. I tried to get him to hold it but he is weird about textures. (He doesn't like holding bananas either!)
Piper being just like her mommy checked out all the Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby! Paxton says he would rather lay in the cart & drink his milk.
Then it was on to some gator golf! 
Next stop... Shopping for kindergarten! Beau & I just kept saying we couldn't believe we were shopping for kindergarten! Piper loved it!
That night we had a game night & watched Hook! Beau & I loved that movie as kids.

Which lead to Beau & Piper in a sword fight. Ha!

A fun day with my most favorite people!!

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