Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A busy & fun day!

We had a full day planned. We started out with lunch at Mcalisters. Beau & I are liking that place a lot. 
We gave Pax a taste of pickle. I tried to get him to hold it but he is weird about textures. (He doesn't like holding bananas either!)
Piper being just like her mommy checked out all the Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby! Paxton says he would rather lay in the cart & drink his milk.
Then it was on to some gator golf! 
Next stop... Shopping for kindergarten! Beau & I just kept saying we couldn't believe we were shopping for kindergarten! Piper loved it!
That night we had a game night & watched Hook! Beau & I loved that movie as kids.

Which lead to Beau & Piper in a sword fight. Ha!

A fun day with my most favorite people!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little People's Park

A few of us went to the park one day. It was such a nice day.
Look at my big boy!

His face!

Ashley got some corn to feed the deer. "The deer capital of the world" has to have deer.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Garden Restraunt

While we went to Antlers for a few days Ashley, Piper, & Landon had a big surprise for us. They made a Garden Resturaunt & worked so hard. They had menu's for us to select what we wanted to eat. We even dressed up for it. Piper was so happy when she saw we were dressed up. She said "I can't believe everyone dressed up". They had name plates for our seats (guess who got seated at the kids table??? {me!}) they seated us & served us a 3 course meal. Afterward they had some entertainment for us & even danced for us

The kids had so much fun & so did we. So thankful for Ashley who put a lot of work into doing something for the kids. She truly has a heart for kids.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

More time in Antlers & fun at the lake!

We headed back to Antlers for some more fun with family then fun at the lake. 
We had to drag Piper's huge breakable teaset back so she could play with it.
 We played some 21 the first night then hit the volleyball around with a lot of the family. We had so much fun & laughed so much!
 Snuggle time with dad!
 We had lots of fun at the lake & it wasn't crowded at all. We ate some bbq brisket too.

 An alligator!

 Ashley, Tosha, Becky, Kayla, & Nicole

 This is one of the best couple in the world right here! Almost married 33 years & are such a great example. They are there for everyone!
 Piper & I climbing a tree.
We also got together & played volleyball til we couldn't move anymore.
 Beau & I being goofy on the back of the 4-wheeler.

 Kamyn eating a pickle.
I am just blessed!!!