Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Swim lessons

Piper LOVED swim lessons. She is so timid in the water. She went from not wanting water to touch her face to going under holding her nose & leaving the top of her head dry to going under without holding her nose. She improved everyday & I love seeing how she was determined to learn. 
She had lessons with two other girls who were little fish!
 The 1st 2 days Piper would circle the whole pool. Had to get use to her surroundings I guess.
Pax hangin out during sister's lessons.

 Going under holding her nose the 2nd day. Huge accomplishment.
practicing on the rocket
 The 1st day she went down the slide 2 times like this & they had to promise they wouldn't let her go under. The next 2 days she just didn't want to go down it.

 Trying to swim under water! YAY!
This is so funny! She would not go down alone. She went a little fast here & thought mrs. LaDonna didn't have her.

 Making her pizza's with a float on.

Mrs. LaDonna also taught her to tread water. 
She improved so much this week. I think this was a good year to start her in lessons. Now to just continue on with what she's learned.

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